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Saudi: Atkins eyes work on Mecca and Jeddah metros

Atkins is pursuing, and will continue to pursue, contracts connected to Saudi Arabia’s largest metro projects. The consultancy has bid for work on Mecca Metro,...

SR100bn Makkah project ‘must be finished on time’

Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal yesterday urged all parties involved in the implementation of the SR100 billion Makkah development project, including contractors, to finish the job without delay. "You have to work with the spirit of a single team while coordinating activities related to design and implementation in order to complete the project on schedule," the governor told government officials.

Holy Mecca goes green soon by virtue of solar-generated electricity

The Saudi daily newspaper (Al-Medina) quoted today the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Developing Municipal Investments in the Sacred Capital as saying that "the Secretariat has announced the solar energy project tender and invited pre-qualified bidders and that twenty companies have been excluded due to very rigorous world-class specifications included in the Tender Specifications Book and that two multinational conglomerates have been awarded the tender to implement the service.