Tenders invited by transport department



The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi is inviting UAE-based agencies to tender for communications services required by the organisation.

In an advertisement that appeared in local media yesterday, the department called upon local and multinational creative design, branding, advertising and public relations agencies in the UAE to pitch in. The deadline for submitting the tenders is June 7.

A meeting will be held to discuss queries and answer enquiries on the criteria required for application.

The winning agencies will be granted renewable annual contracts to handle various communications requirements of the department related to awareness building, education and public service announcement.

DoT is responsible for the planning, regulation and legislation in the transport sector. The communications services will include all future projects provisioned by DoT, including the 130km Metro, 340km tram sytem, 500km high-speed train and the light rail projects, in addition to others.

With major multi-billion dollars projects (estimated to be more than $68 billion (Dh250.23bn) currently being initiated with the planning phase, the department is seeking to develop communications infrastructure that will be conveyed to the operators once those projects are up and running.

Each project will need branding exercises, logos, website design and content development, collateral, communications strategies, including online communication and public relations services.

According to the Pan-Arab Research Centre report on ad spend in the UAE, government services have assumed the top rank as the highest spender during the last quarter with a 23 per cent share of the total advertising expenditure. Government has grown from second-highest spender in 2008 following the insurance sector to the highest, increasing its share of the market spend by three per cent since last year.

The UAE strategy has enforced that government entities should have third-party consultants on media communications and advertising.

All major ministries and government departments have sought the services of media consultancies to convey their branding and to reach out to their audience. Country branding has also been handled by professional establishments with multinational pedigree and global reach embarking on the image and reach of national airlines, investment houses and locally based international developers.

By Dima Hamadeh © Emirates Business 24/7 2009